Apparently I am bad at updates

Howdy y’all. Been away for some time due to life happening and work doings and the like. Fortunately, it seems that the 2 years of constant baby-related illnesses are finally letting up now that Irrational Biped is in preschool.

Available now!

Just popping in to say, yes, book 2 of The Devil’s Revolver series, THE DEVIL’S STANDOFF, is now available! Pick it up at any of your book or ebook retailers.

Also, book 1, THE DEVIL’S REVOLVER, is on sale at most ebook retailers for $1.99 USD/$2.49 CAN. So if you liked it, let your friends know! Word of mouth is the best way to make sure this series keeps going!

Book 4 is nearly done, and it’s a doozy. I can’t tell you the number of times I went “What! WHAAAAT???!!!” while writing this because writers plan and writing gods laugh. Saddle up for a rough ride, compadres.

In pop culture: Westworld is back and it’s AH-MAY-ZING. I’ve started listening to the review podcast Westworld The Podcast, which also reviews other Westerns and cross-genre Westerns and related sci-fi. They’re asking for other Western books, movies, comics, etc. to review when they’re not reviewing the show, so, you know, if you want to share THE DEVIL’S REVOLVER around, give them a shout!

In quick movie reviews:

Black Panther: Woo! I need repeated viewings of this. It was so gorgeous and rich and made me feel all the things.

Avengers Infinity War: A thumbs-up on the understanding that this film had the impossible task of fitting dozens of character stories into a 2.5-hour film and is the first part of a two-part story.

Boss Baby: Repeated viewings with the Irrational Biped has really made me appreciate this overlooked and underrated animated feature. Like so many people, I bypassed it because the story was not related at all in the trailer and the idea of a “boss baby” voiced by Alec Baldwin did not appeal to me. But in conjunction with the Netflix show, it’s a deeply emotional story with great world-building and tons of imagination. And the gags are great. I thank the guys at Story Break for turning me on to this.

Okay, back to work!







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