The Legend of Diablo

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The final installment in Hettie Alabama’s desperado quest by V.S. McGrath

Hell’s not so scary when you’ve been there twice already…

It’s been three years since she lost her sister, Abby, to the Division, and Hettie Alabama has gone rogue. Roaming the West with an outlaw posse, robbing banks and stealing magic, she’s broken every rule she once believed in. Nothing matters anymore but finding Abby.

Meanwhile, the world is on fire. Hungry for power, the Division leaches magic from the vulnerable, with dire consequences that set Hettie’s pursuit of her sister on a collision course with dangerous monsters and even more dangerous men. It’s up to Hettie and her cursed revolver, Diablo, to find a way to save the world—or end it.

The Legend of Diablo delivers an action-packed conclusion to the Devil’s Revolver series steeped in violent history, dark magic, and hope that demands an accounting.

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The Legend of Diablo, written, recorded and produced by V.S. McGrath.

Intro music:
“A Ghost Town” by Quincas Moreira.
Made available copyright and royalty free through the YouTube Audio Library.  

Outro music:
“Knife” by King Uke & Pancho, 2013, available under Creative Commons license. 

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