Audio excerpt from THE LEGEND OF DIABLO (read by me!)

So…it’s been a while…

COVID-19 has certainly changed the world and how we’re living and coping in it. Lots of artists have been producing free content from their homes to help salve people’s souls, and many continue the vital work of creating art and music and literature in spite of the crisis.

I’m striving to do the same. I recorded, edited and produced a reading of Chapter 2 of THE LEGEND OF DIABLO and put it up for anyone who hasn’t been able to attend one of my readings or book launches.

In case you’re wondering, no, the series is not yet available as an audiobook. But the audiobook rights are available if you’re a producer (hint hint). And if you want to hear the whole series as an audiobook, contact Audible and let them know!

Hope you enjoy it!

Run time: appx. 25 minutes
CW for guns, violence, minor swearing.
Probably best not to listen with kids while eating dinner.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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