Update Mar. 25/17

In life:

Been dealing with a series of colds and flus since Christmas, thanks to the germ pool that is daycare. What doesn’t kill me just makes me really sick, right?

In bookish news:

Edits for THE DEVIL’S REVOLVER (book 1) and THE DEVIL’S STANDOFF (book 2) have been turned in! The first two books of The Devil’s Revolver series should be coming out back to back, I’m told. I’m working on THE DEVIL’S PACT (book 3) now. Book 1 is going out as ARCs now, so if you’re interested in reading and reviewing, please contact my publisher, Brain Mill Press. Also, I got a glimpse of the cover painting by the amazing award-winning artist Cassandre Bolan–it is so beautiful and perfect. I absolutely LOVE it. (Sorry, no peeks just yet!)

In other great news: the Ontario Arts Council has given me a Writers’ Reserve Grant to work on THE DEVIL’S PACT on the recommendation of publisher Wolsak & Wynn. Thank you, OAC and W&W! This is why supporting the arts is so important: so that people like me can continue to work and, you know, eat. You can check out all the awesome work the OAC does here.

In my other life as a romance author, check out my blog post on a behind-the-scenes look at a Harlequin photo shoot! I was there…as a MODEL. It was the most amazing day of work I’ve ever had. There’s a viking and a real live horse in an elevator and I get swept away by a hunky military man…

In pop culture:

Logan was amazing. I don’t need a Last of Us movie after watching that. Still psyched for the sequel, of course, though I didn’t play it–I’m more of a stand by and watch between my fingers while I hide my face kind of gamer when it comes to zombie games. Except for Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare. I feel safe on top of a horse, you see.

In stuff I like:

For writers and anyone interested in worldbuilding and storytelling, the Imaginary Worlds podcast is terrific. The episodes are relatively short–around 15-20 minutes–but they’re really well researched and produced. While not strictly about sci-fi or fantasy, there are lots of episodes about Harry Potter and Star Wars. One of my favorite episodes is about what Avatar: The Last Airbender meant for Asian Americans.

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