Update Dec. 30/16

In life:

Christmas this year was a bit of a bust. The baby caught a horrible stomach bug on the Wednesday before Christmas, and two days later, both my husband and I caught it. We were flattened for three days, and I broke my 31-year no-barf streak. Had to cancel Christmas and Boxing Day plans and send the baby to stay with family. It was tough but we’re over it mostly now. Just dealing with a wicked cough.

In bookish news:

I’d hoped to get more writing done on book 3, THE DEVIL’S PACT, this holiday, but dealing with all this sickness has been tough. Instead, I’ve been reading, refilling the tank and just trying to get better.

In pop culture:

ROGUE ONE was terrific. I’ve always been a Star Wars fan and Disney has taken the franchise exactly where it needs to go: the universe is rich and needs to have more stories told within it.

I am deeply saddened by the death of Carrie Fisher. There’s not a lot I can say that others haven’t said about her life and career. What I will say is that Princess Leia was the first feminist figure in my life, and the moment she takes control of her own destiny trying to escape the Death Star told me as a child that I could be a princess AND rescue myself.

In stuff I like:

Just finished Daniel Jose Older’s Shadowshaper–one of the first books I’ve read outside of work in a while. It’s a richly painted YA featuring diverse characters. I’m reading Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl in the Ring next–long time overdue in my TBR pile.

If you’re a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I highly recommend The Greatest Generation podcast. It’s salty and irreverent and often off-color, but it’s also a thoughtful episode-by-episode review of series by two guys who have a background in television production.

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