Update Dec. 13/16

In life:

Dealing with a mild case of hand-foot-mouth disease, which I probably got from the daycare, but who knows? Holding my breath and praying baby and hubby don’t get it.

Christmas is upon us, and the stressful joy is high! Mostly looking forward to vacation time, in which I can write and watch movies with hubby while baby is at daycare.

Star Wars: ROGUE ONE is out Friday. Am really, really excited to see it. Arrival, Moana, and Fantastic Beasts are also on the to-watch list. Any others?

Earl Bonehead

I’ve mounted this gift from my sister and brother-in-law above my TV. It’s a carved cow skull, purchased from a special dealer in Ontario. Cow skulls and other animal skulls are carved as part of the Balinese tradition, and have numerous meanings. It’s partly to honor the use of the entire animal, as well as linking life and death. It’s also damn cool.

I’ve named him Earl Bonehead. When baby comes home from daycare, she waves to him, and he asks about her day in Bullwinkle’s voice. They are quite friendly. I may have to get him a hat.



In bookish news:

I have a tentative publishing date! The first edition of THE DEVIL’S REVOLVER should be out from Brain Mill press next May. So exciting to see them be excited for the book!

I’ve completed a draft of THE DEVIL’S STANDOFF, book 2 in The Devil’s Revolver series. It is with my editors now. Wioth any luck, it’ll be released quickly after the first book. I’m currently working on book 3, THE DEVIL’S PACT.

In pop culture:

Westworld is everything I’d hoped it would be and more. Flavors of Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse in there. So chewy. So good. Can’t wait for season 2, which unfortunately won’t be out till 2018. Good things are worth waiting for, though.

My review of Dr. Strange: Meh, but fun meh. Visually stunning–I didn’t think Marvel could actually make the superhero genre more interesting, and yet they did. Cumberbatch with an American accent is a bit disturbing–why not let him use his magnificent voice per its usual mellifluous British drawl? Also pretty sure Mads Mikkelsen walked off that set and onto Rogue One without changing his costume.

In stuff I like:

Captain Cowboy and the Moneymaker is a local Toronto band that plays Cowboy and Western classics. They busk and play shows all over Toronto, and every time I hear them, I feel like I’m walking into Hettie Alabama’s world. Love them. Check them out here.

I’ve discovered amazing Creative Commons Zero licensed hi-res photos at unsplash.com. I’m combing through their collection and marveling at how any of these photos can be free. Trying to decide what to use to make banners…or maybe some merch or something. So good.

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